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    Woo-Woo: Becoming a Psychic at Fifty

    What does “woo-woo” mean? Woo-woo refers to that which cannot be explained by the known laws of science. It means unexplained, "out there," unexpected.

    At the age of 50, Jan Alm suddenly began receiving messages from her deceased mother. Mediumship led to healing, then to channeling and animal communication--and a whole new unexplained, "out there," unexpected, and wonderful adventure!

    Paperback, 152 pages. Woo-Woo is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers. Click on the link below for a preview. You can also purchase Woo-Woo from publisher Lulu.com, below. The book is $14.95 and ships in 3 to 5 business days.


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    People Say...

    I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your book and learning about you. Thank you for having the courage to be who you are and not hide it. You are an inspiration to me. You are wonderful. Big hug!
    - Lisa B.

    I missed your meet and greet at the Warren Public Library, but my friend Colleen got me a copy of your book. I really enjoyed it. I always have been intrigued by the spirit world. I just don't let everyone know, because they might think I'm kooky. LOL. Your book was just what I needed to read. It made me feel a lot better. I would really love to get in contact with my Mom. I try to use my thinking to will a message from her, and when other family members say, "Mom visited me last night," I feel so disappointed and like she doesn't miss me. Thanks for your insight, and I'll be contacting you soon for a reading. A new true fan.
    - J.B.

    I just finished reading your book and completely loved it!
    Pam L., Wellsville, Utah

    I started your book this morning at Panera and just finished it--could not put it down. I really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing your life with me.
    Connie, Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Your book is delightful, insightful, and important, making a real contribution in the process of others coming to grips with their own realizations.
    Roger Welsch, TV/Radio Personality & Author, Dannebrog, Nebraska

    Jan, I found your book to be empowering and comforting. I also appreciate your having academic credentials. Thank you!
    Eunice J., Kalamazoo, Michigan

    A book filled with interesting, thought-provoking experiences and encouragement to be receptive to life's wonders.
    Lin Z., Mattawan, Michigan

    "Woo-Woo" is an excellent and easy read! I really enjoyed Janet's stories and feelings she expressed about her new gift at 50! She helps give meaning to both the spiritual and human side of psychic readings.
    Kathy C., Oshtemo, Michigan



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